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5 Element Qi Do

5 Element Qi Do is a system of healing, protection and self realization that I developed by combining the Yen Qi Do of my late Sifu Dr. Zeusan Yen, with the other healing and spiritual disciplines that I’ve practiced, and previously taught outside of my teacher’s Far East Martial Arts Federation. I learned about the 5 Element system from my teacher during his Eagle Style Medical Qi Gong course, which included the basics of Chinese medicine in order to diagnose and treat oneself. I then extended its application into the martial arts aspect of Yen Qi Do and as a school we gained further depth of understanding of ourselves and our arts.

5 Element System

The 5 Element system of Chinese philosophy is an archetypal way of breaking down our reality. Each element has aspects such as organs, body fluids, emotions, time of day, etc., that it relates to. The system outlines how the 5 Elements interact, and with this knowledge one can discover clues on their journey to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

After Sifu passed away, and I knew that I would learn no more styles or forms from him it hit me that I hard learned 5 forms: Eagle, Mantis, Snake, Tiger & Sword. When matching up the 5 forms with the 5 elements, I began to understand how each style was different, and what aspect of combat and movement that it exemplified. After working this out I applied those principles into 5 ways of executing  techniques them that helps a practitioner focus on different aspects of martial arts training.

To top off the many layers of 5 Element categorization, when I broke down what I wanted to teach into a curriculum based off the classes I had taught before, there were 5:

Martial Arts class that included a warm up, forms, striking pads, grappling, and sparring.

Self Defense class that focuses on the best martial arts techniques for self defense situations requested by the students. Includes situation awareness and readiness.

Eagle Style Medical Qi Gong passed down through the Yen family for over 300 years. This includes 3 breathing techniques, a form, a healing visualization, and the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, diagnosis, and acupressure.

Integral Healing that utilizes whatever method of healing is best suited for the disease.

Yogic/Tantric Meditation class that combines the 8 Limbs of Yoga with the 112 Centering techniques of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. The goal of this meditation being self realization by way of meditating into an altered state of consciousness where you can leave your body and expand your awareness of your true self and the universe. Of course relaxation, and increased cognitive and physical functions are byproducts of meditation regardless of level.

I am currently in the preparation phase of 5 Element Qi Do and plan on launching the school in Q3 of 2016 here on the Sunshine Coast, BC. If you would like to be informed of updates for 5 Element Qi Do, send me an email at : gaimmaster at gmail dot com



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