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Dragyn3ye’s Solforge Decklists

Hey forgers, here are some of my Solforge decklists. I’ve added my 4 favourite top decks, which is why I precede the deck name with a symbol, so they stay at the top of my list of decks. Interestingly enough these 4 decks each have a unique dominant faction out of the 4 factions in Solforge.

The rest of my decks are listed in alphabetical order and I will continue to add more of the full deck lists in order of interest. I also plan on doing some detailed deck tech articles for some of the decks that I feel deserve more explanation or that you, the reader, would like to know more about. If you see a summary of a deck you think looks interesting, leave a message and I’ll finish uploading the deck list and/or do a full deck tech article for that deck including card by card explanations, leveling priorities per matchup, flesh out the strategy for the deck and point out some cool combos and tactics.

I have been playing since the Kickstarter and have a near-complete collection (everything I want for decks anyways). I enjoy making highly tuned rogue decks (some of them continually revised since the inception of Solforge) that perform well versus the popular tier 1 decks. I’ve got some gems in this list so enjoy! 😉

(BTW My in game name is Dragyn3ye so send me a challenge)


! Ebonflame Thunderskull
Standard Nekrium/Tempys Aggro/Control/Combo (yes, it’s all 3!)
18 Nekrium cards, 12 Tempys cards; 15(+6 spell) Creatures, 15 Spells; 18 Legendary, 8 Heroic, 4 Rare.

This has been one of my favourite decks for a very long time. Since Ator came out I wanted to abuse Everflame Mystic for instant free spells and leveling. I believe this to be the best deck on a good draw.

When Immortal Echoes replaced Varna’s Pact in the deck (bringing back ONLY your combo creatures), and Vyric Ebonskull got buffed, it put this deck over the top. Unfortunately, Lifeblood Dryad was also buffed, and led to a prevalence of grow-wide decks like Grobots, which is this deck’s arch nemesis: it needs open lanes to hit and trigger the key abilities in the deck.

However, if you don’t expect a lot of grow-wide, play this deck, and see how it wrecks. I have never once lost a game to another Byzerzak deck, including other Ator rush decks, who obviously haven’t been tweaking their deck for as long and are playing what I know now to be sub optimal cards, or your standard Byzerak Midrange deck, that is so reliant on spot removal, it loses to grow-wide decks anyway, so just play this deck (sorry Zwaxor).

3 Ator, Thunder Titan
3 Everflame Mystic
3 Vyric Ebonskull
3 Ebonskull Knight

3 Borean Windweaver
3 Staff of Vaerus

3 Nethershriek
3 Immortal Echoes

2 Death Current
2 Spiritcleave
2 Dreadbolt


# BrUterra
Standard Uterra Aggro
27 Uterra cards, 3 Nekrium cards; 24 Creatures, 6 Spells; 12 Legendary, 10 Heroic, 6 Rare, 2 Common.

This is a mono-Uterra aggro deck with all the highest power creatures that are the best at pushing through damage. I have gone back and forth on whether or not to play Dysian Siphon and currently it is in as our only removal. It is a nonbo with Rootforged Avatar and Patron of Deepwood but the deck has enough high power cards that you can just ignore those cards on the turns with Siphons.

I have been working on this deck and playing it quite often since Solforge first came out. I opened the cards needed for it early on and was one of my go to decks to get my daily rewards if I was running out of time before midnight. It is quite different from what it was initially but I believe stronger with the buff of Oros, and addition of cards like Shardplate Behemoth and Patron of Deepwood.

I even played this deck in a WCQ and almost made the top 16, just barely losing my win and in match. Some decks just cannot handle the pressure and consistency that Bramblewood Tracker and high attack level creatures give.

15 Core Creatures:
3 Rootforged Avatar
3 Patron of Deepwood
3 Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen
3 Uterradon Ridgeback
2 Scatterspore Eidolon
3 Shardplate Behemoth

6 Support Creatures:
1 Uterra Packmaster (trying 1 since his buff, took out 1 Shardbound Invoker)
1 Rubyscale Dragon (testing 1 in place of 1 Scatterspore Eidolon, has been fun and solid)
3 Bramblewood Tracker
2 Shardbound Invoker

6 Pump Spells:
3 Lysian Shard
3 Dysian Siphon


$ Oratek Bestuff
Standard Tempys/Alloyin Midrange
21 Tempys cards, 9+3 Alloyin cards; 24+3 Creatures, 6 Spells; 22 Legendary, 8 Heroic.

This is a pretty standard Oratek goodstuff deck, which has been a well-established tier 1 deck since Oratek Explosives and Rage of Kadras became a thing. It uses Relic Scouts to buff up your already awesome creatures and Borean Windweaver to move your guys around to set up blowouts with Oratek Explosives and Rage of Kadras. The cards that differ in my deck from most builds are Cindersmoke Wyvern, Ator,  and Frostfang Maiden.

This deck has a special place in my heart as I was 1st place going into the top 16 of the February 2015 WCQ playing an earlier variant of this deck. I lost a close, 3 game match to the 16th place player playing a standard Dysian Broodqueen deck that was a very poor choice for the tournament as it lost to the popular Crypt Conjurer/Wegu deck. My version of this deck at the time had a 90%+ win rate versus this top deck in my testing and unfortunately the next 3 matches would’ve been against that exact deck that my opponent went on to lose to.

15+3 Core Creatures:
3 Borean Windweaver
3 Relic Hunter
Solbind 3 Relic Scout
3 Frostmane Dragon
3 Nexus Aeronaut
3 Cindersmoke Wyvern

10 Support Creatures:
3 Ator, Thunder Titan
3 Ignir, Khan of Ashur
2 Frostfang Maiden
2 Anvillon Arbiter

5 Damage Spells:
2 Rage of Kadras
3 Oratek Explosives


% Esperian Control
Standard Alloyin/Uterra Control
18 Alloyin cards, 12 Uttera cards; 24+3 Creatures, 6 Spells; 22 Legendary, 8 Heroic.

This is an Esperian control deck focused on leveling extra cards, including some level 3 bombs, and forcing the game to go long enough to where you can take advantage of them. The tough part of this deck is getting enough Uterra cards to trigger Esperian Sage. Right now I am at 12, which is the bare minimum IMO. I would like to add more Energy Prison now with the buff, in favour of the nerfed Dendrify, but for this reason I keep it 2/2.

I cut Ironmind Acolytes and Lucid Echoes because I felt like that engine package was just serving itself, and not empowering the deck in other ways. Each of those cards are weak on their own and only good if you focus on playing the other and I was tired of it, and decided to play better cards instead. However, I still like pocket leveling the Energy Surges for consistency, so I kept those in. I could see cutting 1 for another energy prison or bomb.

7 Bombs:
1 Chrogias
1 Othra, Apex Predator
2 Iron Maiden
3 Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen

8 Levelers:
3 Killion, Infinity Warden
3 Esperian Sage
2 Metasight

12 Defense:
3 Shardplate Behemoth
3 Ambriel’s Edict
2 Lash of Demara
2 Energy Prison
2 Dendrify

+ 3 Energy Surge


Abomb: abomination tribal midrange

Bees: tribal poison control (quite good!)

Big Bad Beasts: biggest baddest beast aggro (Immortal Echoes put this over the top)

Byzerak Midrange: your typical Byzerak goodstuff with Zarox and removal.

ConsistentFree: abusing Bramblewood Tracker AND Ashurian Flamesculptor

Damages: damaging your own creatures that like it

Darkforged: leveling tribal swarm (surprisingly strong)

Deathweaving: mastering the dead

Double Dragon Rage: Frost&Scorchmane Dragons leveling with Rage of Kadras

Double Dragon Surge: Frost&Scorchmane Dragons leveling with Energy Surge package

Dryads: tribal go wide aggro

Dysian Brood: typical Dysian Broodqueen midrange deck with NO Duskmaws (solbind)

Dysian Crypt: Crypt Conjurer, Wegu health drain

Dysian Dusk: typical Dysian Broodqueen midrange deck WITH Duskmaws (solbind)

Dysian Grove: old school health gain with Stags, Dysian Sludge and Arboris

Esperian Disruption: this deck is nothing but counter cards for certain strategies

Esperian Goodstuff: the best Uterra and Alloyin cards thrown together

Esperian Replace: midrange deck focused on replacing your own creatures for bonuses

Fire Trials: Oratek deck that abuses Alyssa, Strifeborn and mass damage.

Frosty Maidens: Tempys mobility deck with Byzerak Frostmaiden and Nethershriek

Grobots: Robots and pump aggro

HAtorbots: Ator and Arcflight Squadron shenanigans.

HeraldBomb: cheesy Herald of Destruction / Phytobomb combo deck (to test against)

Hotbots: Armored bots with Battlebrand, Brimstone Tyrant and Borean Windweaver

Icefinity: infinite combo deck

Izdek: Iztek midrange deck

Nekrium Control: Nekrium deck that goes late with removal & patrons, levels extra cards with Killion & Metasight, and goes for the kill with Zimus & zombie regen pump action.

Nekrium Soulstealer: Mono-Nekrium control deck that abuses Xerxes, Patron & Soulreap

Oratek Burn Control: cheesy deck with burn, Ice Grasp, Ambriel and Steelscale Dragon

Tempys Burn Control: burn the board and face with Flamebreak Invoker and Savant

Tempys Mobility: mono-Tempys aggro (with Oratek Explosives of course)

Umbruk Dinos: super aggro dino deck with Ator and Bron

Yetis: powerful tribal midrange deck

Zombies: near-mono-Nekrium zombies deck focused on recurring the dead

Zombies n Plants: a uterra-supported zombie deck focused on regenerate and pump

Onyxium Soulstrike
Standard Nekrium/Alloyin Midrange
17+3 Nekrium cards, 13 Alloyin cards; 14 Creatures, 16+3 Spells; 12 Legendary, 11 Heroic, 7 Rare.

This deck is one of my top rogue decks, losing consistently only to Oratek Windscout, which doesn’t get much play at the moment, making this deck a strong choice in my opinion.

This deck’s goal is to abuse Soulreap (2 for 1 anyone?) and Sorrow Maiden by constantly shrinking their whole board while playing solid, tricky guys for extra control and pressure. Uriel leads the way shrinking and attacking and Nexus Aeronaut is there because Nexus Aeronaut is one of the best overall cards in the game IMO both offensively and defensively. The Howls of Xith are there to push the last bit of damage through after I discovered that the weakness of the deck was losing steam to my opponents giant level 3 creatures (where shrink wasn’t enough anymore) but they were always at a very low life total and since then Howl has done the job in finishing them off.

14 Creatures:
3 Uriel Irongwing
3 Sorrow Maiden
3 Duskmaw, Twilight Drake
2 Oreian Justicar
3 Nexus Aeronaut

5 Pump & Damage:
2 Howl of Xith
3 Scythe of Chiron

11 Removal Spells:
3 Epidemic
3 Discordant Strike
2 Nanoswarm
3 Soulreap


Onyxium Control (retired)
Standard Alloyin/Nekrium Control
18 Alloyin cards, 12 Nekrium cards; 9 Creatures, 21 Spells; 12 Legendary, 11 Heroic, 7 Rare.

This deck is my attempt to create something that played and felt like a control deck from Magic: the Gathering. I have played and refined this deck quite a bit and feel confident enough in its power level and rogue surprise factor to take it into a serious tournament.

Use your powerful creatures to wipe the board and take chunks out of your opponent’s health. Focus on leveling the correct removal cards for the matchup which should keep the board under control. Your creatures are so powerful when alone, which is most of the time, that you can often run away with the game.

* Unfortunately, with the buff of the Nekrium removal, and the inclusion of Death Current, Spiritcleave, and sometimes Dreadbolt, in almost every Nekrium deck, this deck is no longer competitively viable and I have since overwritten the deck. It was good times while it lasted. Keeping here for posterity. Maybe Immortal Echoes will now be good in the deck (it wasn’t before)?

9 Creatures:
3 Steelscale Dragon
3 Ambriel Archangel
3 Cercee, Hand of Varna

9 Pump & Damage:
2 Pummel Pack
1 Warmonger Mod
1 Explosive Demise
2 Howl of Xith
3 Scythe of Chiron

11 Removal Spells:
3 Epidemic
3 Ambriel’s Edict
3 Discordant Strike
2 Nanoswarm

1 Random:
1 Perilous Insight



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