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Heroscape Battle 03: Hulk vs Thanos 2v2

We used the same battlefield as last time (http://bradfinlayson.com/heroscape-battle-02-mountain-fate-vs-batcastle/), Ice Mountain vs Castle with a wide river in the middle. There is a bridge crossing the river, and ruins on the flanks.

We did a 2v2 team battle this time. Here are the armies:


Team Thanos
Justin: Thanos (360) + Krav Maga Agents (100) + Arrow Gruts (40) = 500 – Wreak havoc with Thanos and agents. Arrow Gruts random last 40 points.
Brad: Red Skull (190) + Sonlen (160) + Major Q10 (150) = 500 – I wanted to try Red Skull’s Master Manipulator ability where you can use any hero within line of sight instead of him, so with an all hero army, you can put all your order markers on him and be super adaptable and surprising every turn. Major Q10 and Sonlen are both units with a lot of options so I maximized my reactionary tactics.

Team Hulk
Darren: Hulk (370) + Tagawa Samurai Archers (65) + Shiori (60) = 495 – Hulk smash. Japanese warriors to clean up.
Todd: Captain America (220) + Spider-Man (160) + Syvarris (100) = 480 – Mobile and well rounded melee and ranged.


Thanos and Hulk flew and leapt using their special movement abilities onto the bridge to battle for the +2 Defense glyph. The rest of the troops scurried around the flanks, taking glyphs and pot shots at the two titans. Virtually none of the other units took damage this game.

As Thanos and Hulk started smashing each other, the Hulk started to get super raged out. However, he let his anger get the best of him and he rushed across the bridge, looking to finish Thanos off in close combat, instead of holding the glyph or leaping out of range. Unfortunately for him, it was a trap, and Thanos’ support team of Major Q10 and Sonlen moved up to support and help finish off the Hulk before he could unleash his full wrath.

Hulk vs Everyone

With their glorious leader, Hulk, dropped, the rest of the army decided to not risk their lives against Thanos’ virtually unscathed ranks, and retreated to the hills to fight another day. Thanos and Red Skull’s maniacal cackles were heard echoing across the water and into the ice caves.

Hulk Smash!

The lesson here is that if you rush in with a big character, no matter how tough they are, you have to put most of your order markers on them. You need to get value in damage points, and/or to get out to safety before the opponents have a chance to gang up on them.

I think the play here would’ve been for Hulk to either hold the +2 Defense glyph at the center of the bridge, making him harder (near impossible to hit) and wait for reinforcements, OR super leaped to the grassy ruins area where the 2 orcs had taken the glyph. Hulk could’ve used his multi smash to take them both out and take the glyph, which was mostly protected from ranged attacks. This would’ve forced Thanos’ team to advance closer to Hulk, giving Hulk’s team a chance to move up and intercept.



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