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Mage Wars Tournament League

Upon introducing Mage Wars to my play group, who are mostly Magic: the Gathering & strategy card game players, they immediately fell in love with it. It’s embodies the total feeling of being a mage in combat, with brilliant, balanced, and easy to remember rules. There was also no losing to bad draws: you pick your spells from your spell book every turn, OR resource screw: you have a constant supply of mana every turn.

We wanted to start a league, and have the capacity for 8 players to have all the cards they wanted and multiple mages. So we acquired a ton of Mage Wars stuff second hand: multiple copies of everything (promos too!) up to and including Battlegrounds: Domination. This gave us enough for multiple copies of the same mage, up to 8 players easily, and even 12, playing multiple 1v1 and multiplayer games.


Here is the format we are going with:

We have 8 players in the singles league, and 4 teams in the doubles league. We randomly decided the teams, and then did a couple swaps so that people that saw each other more often were together for extra strategy time.

Each tournament lasts 3 rounds. This gives a perfect 8 person tournament, with a single winner at the end. This also means that each team gets to play each other team once, also awesome. Each player secretly chooses their mages before the tournament starts and must use that mage for the rest of the tournament, but can change their spellbook between games. A player may play different mages in the singles and doubles league.

Currently we’re still in practice mode, getting a feel for the different mages and our teams. As soon as everyone feels settled in the rules and their mage choices we’ll start the league. At that point we’ll be doing some more posts to update you on what happens!



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