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Yen Qi Do

Yen Qi Do is a system of healing and martial arts developed by my teacher Grandmaster Dr. Zeusan Yen. Sifu combined the traditional eagle style kung fu and qi gong, that has been passed down for over 300 years in the Yen family, with the other styles of martial arts and methods of healing he learned in his quest for healing and combat mastery.

Zeusan, also known as Alex, studied and practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medicine in Chinese hospitals. In the early 80’s he emigrated to Canada, opened his own clinic, and added his healing knowledge to the Qi Gong forms and exercises, creating what he referred to as ‘medical Qi Gong’ that included the basics of TCM theory, diagnosis, and acupressure.

Zeusan Yen

I was one of the last students to learn Yen Qi Do, and the only non-Yen family student Sifu endorsed to pass on Yen Eagle Style Medical Qi Gong. After achieving black belt I was taught more TCM including acupuncture and herb usage. I teach on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, so if you are interested in learning this beautiful and interesting combination of techniques message me using the contact form.

To learn more about my teacher and his arts (visual, healing and martial) visit: http://yenart.com/home.htm

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