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Gaming As a Language

A little something I wrote in 2006. It has definitely amplified since then…


Gaming is a language. Each game has a different language. When gamers are discussing a particular game, it becomes a secret, coded language that a non-player wouldn’t understand. This is special, not from its exclusion, but its inclusion, and connection of thought and excitement it creates.


The worlds, characters and stories created by game designers, and, while immersed in the story and clothed in the characters, the diverse styles and actions through which players express themselves, will live on in our imaginations long after we are gone.


Gaming combines all the traditional art mediums (visual, auditory and literary) and adds the edge of interactivity. Viewers, listeners and readers become players who participate in the creation, make it their own and add to its possibilities in their own unique fashion.


Gaming mirrors are own reality most closely of all art forms. For our lives are more than just a painting, a song or a book; we are present, making choices, changing paths and ultimately altering the course of the entire universe with every thought, word and action.


Gaming, combined with the internet, are creating communities of like-minded individuals who use the medium of the game to communicate and learn from each other. It is possible to learn a lot about someone by watching how they play the game they are most passionate about.


Although online friends and gaming groups may be far apart in physical space-time, they are creating bonds in the inner realms, glued together through the language of the game, that transcend the space-time continuum: for it is the inner that creates the outer, and the inner-net has always been there, and it is a wonderful sign for humanity that it is manifesting in the tangible form of the internet.



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